Structuring Portfolios

As architects of our client assets, we take the approach that every client is unique and requires a tailored portfolio that addresses their specific needs and goals.  Our investment approach is based on decades of academic research by Nobel Prize laureates and others. Consistent with these findings, we build custom portfolios typically using institutional-quality asset class funds. We build on the broad asset allocation strategy by determining the appropriate selection of styles and strategies within each of these asset classes.

Equities - We will determine how your assets should be deployed across the global regions and among various market capitalization. It also entails allocating the portfolio across the various industries and sectors and between growth and value styles.

Fixed Income - We will allocate assets in the various instruments available in the market, such as government bonds, municipal bonds, corporate bonds, and money market funds. We also take into consideration factors such as credit quality, maturity (duration of the investment), tax status, and geographic exposure.

Risk vs. Reward - We believe, it is prudent to be conservative in the amount of risk our client should assume. The risk factors are a big part of our analysis in designing a portfolio that is balanced and with an appropriate level of risk. Our goal is to mitigate risk while delivering a cost effective value added return.